Strategic Alliances

The in-house team of Market Worth Trading is supplemented by strategic alliances with local professionals in all of the core markets in which we operate. Our strategic partners include professionals at all levels of the economy, including members of the accounting, legal and valuation professions; management consultants, and leading institutions.

These local strategic alliances are vital to assisting Market Worth Trading to optimise performance in our key areas: Identifying and closing the best acquisitions in terms of land quality and price.

It is vital to optimise this factor. This can only be achieved effectively through a network of professionals with specific in-depth local knowledge in each region. The value added Market Worth Trading offers its clients depends to a large extent on the quality of these relationships.

On the acquisition side, most of the best investment opportunities occur "off market". For example, a financially distressed seller is more likely to talk to his accountant or legal advisor before an estate agent. By working with professionals our clients are given access not only to a broader range of deals but also to deals normally restricted to knowledgeable locals. On a similar basis, many of the investments we have been able to identify on exceptional terms have originated from our close working relationship with members of local communities.

There is no substitute for the qualitative information which can only be obtained from local experts with personal relationships built over years within the community. We continue to develop new relationships with local professionals in our target markets.

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