Corporate Philosophy

The Future of Land Investment can be characterized by Population growth, resource scarcity and climate change which are the three defining economic trends of our modern times. Individually, each constitutes a major issue. Together, they are all the more potent. Over time, in line with rising population and economic activity, these trends will converge further and their effects on global commerce will become ever more pronounced. Any sector positioned at the nexus of these trends will offer investors the best opportunity for returns in the mid-term and the potential for exponential returns over the long-term.

The mission of Market Worth Trading is therefore to provide our clients with sustainable triple bottom line returns, by pursuing optimal investment performance without compromising the wellbeing of this planet and the human population and other organisms it supports. We achieve this by constantly reviewing our strategic thinking according to the three core principles of sustainable investing:

People - Consideration of social impacts.

Planet - Consideration of environmental impacts.

Profit - Consideration of financial objectives.

Many investors incorrectly assume that any strategy which takes account of social and environmental factors ("People" and "Planet") implies the need to make sacrifices when it comes to financial reward ("Profit"). At Market Worth Trading we believe that rather than being in conflict, a holistic approach to these priorities can actually act to enhance investment returns. This is especially true in light of increasingly robust government policies incentivising protection of the environment (in particular with respect to climate change) and a more socially aware consumer base.

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