Investment Criteria

Market Worth Trading conducts macroeconomic research on an ongoing basis to identify the most promising land investments in terms of activity, business strategy and geographic focus. Being opportunistic in our investment style, our investment policies are constantly evolving. Flexibility in setting investment criteria is also required to accommodate specific investment objectives and appetite for risk and return. Regardless of this, our acquisition strategy is always guided by two fundamental principles:

  • You get what you pay for
  • We strongly believe that from a strategic perspective purchasing land at the higher end of the quality spectrum will produce not only superior risk adjusted returns, but also higher total returns, in the mid to long-term. This is despite the higher entry prices associated more industrious land. This view is based on our belief that a number of key trends are set to continue, and quite possibly accelerate, in the future. In recent years, the land market has been characterised by an increasingly tight relationship between supply and demand, low global stock to use ratios and a higher frequency of human induced and natural disasters disrupting production and causing increased price volatility. We believe that land upon which above average levels of value can be maintained in a consistent fashion will benefit the most in this environment. This is because the best quality land will be best positioned to capitalise on cyclical price peaks and thus maintain its value during low points in the cycle.

  • Cash flow is king
  • Land Investment is a business like any other. There is a high degree of variance in terms of land quality, business model and marketing opportunities. This is due primarily to the quality of the product. This means that selection is a vital component of land investing. As such, our approach to assessing a suitable recommendation focuses on transparency, rather than investor trends, i.e., planning permission, Residential, deeds etc…

Market Worth Trading assesses the background and the historic performance of the land against regional benchmarks. This will include an assessment of Historic accounts of land in order to ensure that Risk vs Reward factors are met

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