Investment Overview

The world is entering a period of unprecedented demand due to a rapidly expanding population's requirement for "food, feed, and fuel". Market Worth Trading believes that direct land investment provides the most efficient form of exposure to the resultant boom in commodity prices, delivering high levels of income and capital growth with disproportionately low levels of risk.

Through our direct land investment packages, Market Worth Trading offers private investors exposure to tangible assets which provide superior risk adjusted returns compared with more traditional asset classes, a hedge against inflation and a low level of correlation to other assets in conventional portfolios.

Due to the large size of typical land purchases, higher transaction costs and the specialist expertise required, direct land investment has generally been restricted to well funded institutions or ultra-high-net-worth investors. Entry level investments are usually in the region of $5 to $10 million with the average total investment across a portfolio of land generally being well above $50 million. This category of investor is well served by other institutions such as UBS Global Asset Management and Hancock Agricultural Investment Group (both of whom have a minimum investment requirement of $50 million for individually managed portfolios).

By creating innovative structures which allow us to offer products at transaction costs over a broad investor base, Market Worth Trading is able provide private investors into our direct land ownership model which is both cost effective and secure whilst offering investment returns comparable with larger holdings.

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