Investment Packages

Due to our extensive coverage of a number of developed land markets, Goldman & Levy is able to offer land investment packages tailored to meet specific risk return criteria. Armed with an understanding of an investor's personal strategic objectives, we are able to formulate portfolio strategies by selecting land assets in different regions. By combining variables in appropriate weightings, portfolios can be constructed to fit with an investor's specific risk and return profile.

Market Worth Trading is able to achieve the benefits of diversification even at relatively low portfolio sizes because of the unique land investment ownership structures. These structures enable us to spread individual portfolios across more than one region by allowing each portfolio invest in different areas whilst still retaining the independence, security and transparency of direct land investment.

Limited diversification can even be achieved for entry level investments in the retail to sub-€1 million spectrum, although it should be noted that portfolio construction becomes less flexible at lower investment levels where more standardised packages are necessary to limit the negative impacts of transaction costs. At levels exceeding €1 million, greater flexibility is possible both in terms of portfolio construction and fee arrangements.

To find out more please contact Market Worth Trading. The number of our UK office is +44 203 086 7959 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements directly. If you would prefer us to contact you, please complete the form to the right of the screen.

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