Risk and Return

In addition to land quality and management expertise, there are four key elements which dictate risk and return profiles within land investment portfolios Taking іntο account thаt land prices аrе rising, downside risk іѕ relatively low аnd growth thе makings іѕ high, уου hаνе thе perfect investment tο diversify уουr portfolio away frοm traditional asset classes such аѕ shares οr bonds, minimising risk and maxinmising return.

  • Business Strategy
  • There is a choice between Land with or without planning permission (green belt or agricultural land). The risks in land without planning permission are higher, due to protected, or greenbelt land cannot be developed under current planning regulations. There is typically no possibility of planning permission in any reasonable timeframe. This why at Market Worth Trading, all land sold has planning permission focusing on areas that have been priced at what we believe to be at below market value giving room for growth and development at a price that is reasonable for an investment strategy.

  • Structures & Procedures
  • Market Worth Trading ensures that transparency is always present throughout the whole buying process.

    Once a sale has been agreed verbally; a contract setting out the conditions of the sale, which includes but is not limited to title checks and property inspections; then an appointed settlement company will be used in order to complete the transaction. The balance is paid by the buyer and both parties sign the final documents. The transfer of ownership is then registered with local authorities.

In certain cases allow between 3% and 5% for transfer fees, and annual taxes of around 1 - 3% of the value of the property

Our fee structure varies depending on the type and size of individual investments. The higher the investment level, the more flexible we are able to be on fees.

To find out more please contact Market Worth Trading. The number of our UK office is +44 203 086 7959 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements directly. If you would prefer us to contact you, please complete the form to the right of the screen.

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