What We Offer

The investment teams of Market Worth Trading are led by portfolio managers who average more than 60 years of industry experience. Market Worth Trading focuses exclusively on providing direct land investments to the corporate and the private investor at the lower end of the wealth spectrum (typically transaction sizes of less than $5 million). Our unique turnkey investment solutions allow investors to reap the full benefits of this exciting asset class without the need to take on the complex legal and operational responsibilities normally associated with land ownership.

The portfolio managers of Market Worth Trading employ various screens to build investment portfolios that seek to match the buyer and the sellers values. Many managers focused on sustainable and socially responsible investing employ one or more exclusionary screens to eliminate land investments that produce an undesired product, such as no residential land and land without planning permission. Additionally, we take the process a step further by employing qualitative screens, to help identify land that meet our standard for corporate responsibility and that we believe will contribute to investment success.

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